Wills, Trust, & Probate

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Dealing with wills, trust, and probates can be an exhausting and sensitive time for many people. There are enormous amounts of legal jargon and court proceedings that can quickly become overpowering.

Don’t feel you need to handle everything on your own, consult with an attorney regarding the best way to move forward.

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Having legal counsel can help to avoid the extensively long legal process of settling your loved one’s final details.

We will also provide legal counsel to assist in dispute resolution, as well as general litigation and disputes.

Benefits Of Hiring A Trust And Will Attorney:

  • Future Estate Planning
  • Altering the Will
  • Inheritance Tax Exemptions
  • Living Trusts and Wills
  • Disagreements Over Joint Inheritance

All of these can be sought out and resolved quickly, efficiently, and professionally with the assistance of an attorney.


We Do The Hard Work For You

Real Estate is one of the most common items of wills and trusts that require expert legal counsel. Charles Barnum has the expertise and knowledge to successfully guide you through the process of either selling, dissolving, or transferring the real estate properties of your deceased loved one.


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